Not the greatest picture ever but I took this when I went back to Fiji almost three years ago. It was taken from a stone I used to sit on during the days I felt that the island was too small and my world too constricting. I would sit there and gaze off in the distance, look at the mountains and dream about the world that I wanted to see. ~ peachesandkimchi

Amazing beauty

Crystal blue water sparkles

enriches my soul

~ Erin Fitzpatrick-Bjorn at &

Table champetre de la Ferme au gout d’autrefois, Île d’Orléans, Québéc: It’s the person more than the place that’s permanently etched into my memory here. That man, farmer and chef Jacques Legros, is quite possibly the most impressive man I’ve ever met. He and his wife single-handedly run a goose, chicken, and duck farm, an amazing garden, and a restaurant. No farmhands, no waiters. They grow the food, they harvest it, they prepare it, they pour your wine and set down your plate and sit down at the table with you to chat. Mindblowing. ~Michelle Schusterman, travel writer & MG author of I Heart Band

Wanderlove places: Flores is a colonial village in northern Guatemala, set on an island in Lake Petén Itza. It’s the beginning of the end of Bria’s trip – and where she discovers the truth about Rowan.

photo by kirsten hubbard

Mines View Park, Baguio City, Philippines: Photographer was absolutely terrified to stand on top of a mountain while taking this photograph (aka me). ~ lowreal

I’m not a city girl— far from it— so when I got the opportunity to visit China, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Amidst a torrent of new experiences (including visiting the must-see tourist places), there was one simple night I spent walking opposite the skyline of Shanghai, and it is one that I’ll never forget. Standing on the opposite shore, surrounded by beautiful bright lights, city noise, and people, I remember thinking “this is where I’d want to fall in love.” And ever since then, it owns a little piece of my heart. ~Audrey,


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This is near Bar Harbor, Maine. It’s not that this particular bit of ocean is different than any other bit of ocean, but I just loved this beach. It’s small and quiet and it doesn’t feel tamed. ~Kaitlin Ward

This picture was taken in Port Shepston, South Africa at Merellwood Secondary School. I was a teaching assistent in a lifeskills class for a week and this was the view from outside the classroom. The scenery just makes me feel at peace because the teens I met there opened their hearts to me and listened to me even though I was the same age as them. The simple, everyday lifestyle of the Zulu people was awe-inspiring and natural. This was my first grand adventure, so this image will stay important to me for life. ~ Heather Cook


The World’s Highest Waterfall | Angel Falls, Venezuela
© Dmitry Moiseenko

Wanderlove places: Laughingbird Caye (pronounced “key”) is a laid-back Caribbean island in Belize where Bria and Rowan spend a good portion of their trip. It also doesn’t exist – it’s based on a real-life island called Caye Caulker (where the real Lobsterfest occurs). The name Laughingbird Caye was borrowed from another real-life island, Laughing Bird Caye, which is tiny and uninhabited.

photo by kirsten hubbard